Unicode Symbols
List of 15k unicode symbols
Cool websites
List of cool websites i have found.
Canvas animations
Simple javascript animations with HTML5 canvas.
Handy FFmpeg commands
Some FFmpeg commands i find good to have.
Abusing meta redirect
Various ways i try to abuse meta tag redirect.
Search engines
List of search engines.
Random string
WGenerates a random string with many symbols.
Imgur bruteforce CLI
This is probably faster than the web version since its async.
Simple imagehost server
Made a simple imagehost server in go for using myself.
Shitty Youtube-like php website.
Discord server
Brickhill friend bot
Bot that friends people on brick-hill.com
Farside redirect
Userscript for farside redirect
Better Discord plugins
Basic Better Discord plugins made by me, has some scripts too
Discord GPT chatbot
Discord chatbot that supports different GPT apis
RoboSinc prefixes
Shows command prefixes for Robosinc bot
Image to Braille
Converts image to braille dots